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Anthony Barraco

Freelance Musician

Reference & Other Info

Rayburn Musical Instrument Co. - A great source for all musical instruments in the Boston, MA area. They are close enough to try out some of their instruments and mouthpieces.

Robert King Music - This is an excellent source for instructional books, sheet music, recital music, and ensemble music.

Vincent Bach Co. - This is a wonderful site about the manufacturer of one of the most widely used "professional" trumpets (the Bach Stradivarius) used in the United States today. Their history dates back to 1926!

The Bach Loyalist Page - All the information you may want to know (or not want to know) about V. Bach Trumpets, Flugelhorns, Trombones, Mouthpieces, etc.

Woodwind & Brasswind - Another excellent source for woodwind and brass instruments as well as accessories. They also carry a full line of music notation computer software. They have educational pricing, so please ask. 


Anthony Barraco

phone: 401.615.3342
cell: 401.536.8873